Required if employees wear respiratory protection which starts (lowest protection factor) at a dust mask. 

Lock Out – Tag Out

If you wear an H2S monitor (have a potential for exposure) any-time during work activities you are required to have H2S training annually by all the majors, and it is highly recommended by OSHA and under several other institutes.

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Required if employees conduct repair or maintenance operations on equipment. 

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​This is an awareness level "new" employee orientation.  Orientation training is mandated by OSHA and the right thing to provide your employees.

This training became law on December 1, 2013.  GHS training is an OSHA and client requirement for anyone with potential exposure to chemicals or other hazardous substances. This is a one time training requirement.

H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) Awareness/Refresher

HAZCOM - Globally Harmonized System